Introspective and catchy pop

A pen nestled in the shadow of resilience and a spleen that he sublimates on the edge
of his self-fiction. A poetic telescoping of images and feelings, inspired by our doubts and near certainties. A desire for subtlety and simplicity.

A warm and catchy voice. A performer fond of flight and restraint.
A composer who sees songwriting as a puzzle to be put together without a model.

A musical artist influenced by Damon Albarn, Catherine Ringer, David Bowie
and Serge Gainsbourg but also by Robert Plant, Damia, Frehel and pygmy music.

A French singer-guitarist of Cameroonian origin, accompanied by cosmopolitan musicians such as Pierre Bika Bika, mutliinstrumentalist and collaborator of Flavia Coelho, Liz mc Comb or Danny Peter Doundeg.

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